Solid Port Solutions' at the PEMA meeting

Joost Achterkamp joined as a business expert the panel discussion at the PEMA members conference in Tampere on the first day.

He mentioned that the operational software (TOS/ECS/GOS) for terminals should be open and capable to plug-in components from various suppliers and he stated that a "One Terminal" concept shouldn't mean a "One Supplier Terminal".

To the remark of mr. Antti Kaunonen, president of Kalmar to "Copy with Pride" he added "and to Copy with Brains".

In his career Joost saw too many examples where terminal designs were copied without taking local circumstances into consideration".

On the second day of the meeting Joost Achterkamp presented an Operational and Financial Comparison of different Automated Container Yard Systems.
Click here to download his presentation.

Date: 16-10-2017


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