Automation & Cyber Resilience

What has happened last week with the notpetya/petya ‘ransomware’ attack has hit a lot of companies very hard, also in the sector Transport & Logistics. Especially the container terminals of APM. The most automated container terminal in the world, APMT-2 (Rotterdam, Maasvlakte-2) had a complete shutdown, because the systems were infected by malware. This malware had one purpose, not to ask for a ransom to ‘unlock’ access to your systems, but sabotaging production systems and to shut down the core business processes. After 6 days the APMT-2 terminal is still not operating…

Everybody should be aware nowadays that every company must have a business-related cybersecurity policy with organizational and technical measures, including a cybersecurity incident response plan, to make your business more resilient against disruptions caused by cyberattacks.

Today cybersecurity needs to be a part of the business strategy and processes. But hackers (criminals, hacktivists, state actors) can still find a way to get into your network (and they will), and the worst scenario can happen, like a complete production shutdown for an unknown amount of days. This will have a large effect within the company and their partners and clients in the supply chain. Prepare yourself and make your company cyber resilient as strong as possible (i.e. network segmentations, security patching and security hardening of system configuration settings, strong passwords, security awareness sessions), but also implement business continuity measures (recovery plans, procedures, drills) to be prepared for handling business disruptive cyberattacks.

Do you (want to) know how cyber resilient your company is? With a Cyber Resilient Maturity Assessment (CRMA), Solid Port Solutions can help your company to have a good insight of your current state of cyber resilience. The CRMA includes organization/business analyses, threat & vulnerabilities analyses, business impact analysis and risk profiling, GAP analyses on current and missing organizational and technical measures and a report about all findings and recommendations. The CRMA assesses the state of IT & OT security but also look into cybersecurity related areas like Safety, Security & Environment (SSE), Data Protection & Privacy laws, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Human Resources-, Legal- and Procurement aspects and Business Continuity Management.

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Date: 6-7-2017


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