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Designing terminals in such a way that they comply to the International Ship and Port facility Security code (ISPS) and its measurements is common practice for the consultants of Solid Port Solutions.

The same team of consultants is now also working on the design of the safety and security measures to be implemented on airports.

Using the experience gained in the seaport environment, Solid Port Solutions is also advising airport designers and operators on taking the best practice decisions to ensure safety and security for both people and goods passing though airports. This service is currently being delivered in the Middle East, we are aiming to deliver this service also in other parts of the world.

Ever since 9/11 it has been the ultimate goal of airports and their security officials to ensure our safety when we are flying to our destination.

Even though the actual physical safety measurements in seaports and airports might be different in their execution, the ideas leading up to these measurements are the same in both locations.

For example, preventing unauthorised people and unwanted goods to enter secured areas require the same type of modern techniques and methods used in an attempt to protect passengers, cargo and staff which use the (air)ports from accidental and malicious harm, crime and other threats.

Aviation security is a combination of human and material resources to safeguard against unlawful interference. Passenger screening at the airport is part of a layered approach to get you safely to your destination. Airport’s screening procedures are intended to prevent prohibited items, contraband and threats to transportation security from entering the sterile area of the airport and are developed in response to information on threats to transportation security. Baggage screening technologies have evolved substantially over the last decades and computer aided systems such as intelligent video analytics pre-processing images and video streams are increasing staff’s efficiency around the clock.

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Date: 11-1-2018


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