Container Exchange Route


The Port of Rotterdam contains several container terminals all situated on the Maasvlakte I and II.
All these terminals receive containers from land and waterside. Trucks are bringing and taking all these containers to their customers in the hinterland. However, a lot of containers require forwarding via water.

This means that a number of containers need to be transported from one terminal to another terminal.
The port owner, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, has set up a plan for a better coordination of these containers moving being transported from one terminal to another terminal without the need to have the container cleared by customs.
The new development is called Container Exchange Route.

Solid Port Solutions is requested to manage this project and make sure that all parties involved participate in the project.

The main issues to be dealt with in the project are:

  • Lay‐out of the area
  • Procedures
  • Security
  • Communications systems

Client: Port of Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Year of execution of project: 2015 - Ongoing

Specialisms involved for this project:

Project Management
Business Process Modelling
Technical Specifications Review
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Quality Assurance
Development of Terminal Layout Plans
Testing and Commissioning

Services delivered

Solid Port Solutions has prepared a set of detailed specifications/data sheets and layout drawings for the design of the new transfer route.

The following deliverables shall be provided:

  • Overall project management;
  • Engineering and design for the route;
  • Training of the involved staff;
  • Provide specifications for communications between the systems of the terminals;
  • Provide reference documentation.