Steff Training


The course is designed for staff with three or more years’ experience working in the container market with an existing awareness of operational terms and processes.

The objective is to provide a contextual understanding of the economic and market drivers within which container terminals operate.

The course blends applied market content with economic concepts to provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic drivers behind current trends and pressures in the sector.

Attendees of the course will gain an awareness and understanding of the following main subjects:

  • Shipping line;
  • Trade routes & container flows;
  • Logistics;
  • Terminal operators.

Client: OEM Suppliers
Country: The Netherlands
Year of execution of project: 2018

Specialisms involved for this project:

Port overview education
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Development of Terminal Layout Plans

Services delivered

Employees of Solid Port Solutions in cooperation with J&S Maritime Ltd have trained employees of suppliers of container terminals.

The training services provided include:

  • General training on port operations;
  • Explanation of Shipping market;
  • Education on the following subjects;
    • Shipping Lines;
    • Trade routes & container flows;
    • Container logistics:
    • Terminal operators.