Charleston port


SCSPA requested Solid Port Solutions to investigate alternative solutions for the Gate design and Landside Truckers process for the Wando Welch Terminal in Charleston.

Solid Port Solutions will support SCSPA to implement a modern and highly efficient gate process for the NBT terminal with short truck visit times and a high reliability.
The design of the gate should be scalable for the various expansion phases of the terminal and should be capable to handle high peak volumes of trucks as mentioned in the Terminal Master planning document.
The terminal area boundaries and the location of the connection to the external road are currently the only two fixed conditions for the design.

SCSPA also requested SPS to investigate alternative solutions to create more capacity for the Wando Welch Terminal. SCSPA expects the volumes to increase because of the bigger vessels that will visit the port due to the widening of the Panama Canal.

Client: South Carolina State Ports Authority
Country: USA
Year of execution of project: 2014 - Present

Specialisms involved for this project:

Master Plan Studies
Business Process Modelling
Recommendation for Operational Concepts
Recommendation for Technical Concept
Quality Assurance
Development of Terminal Layout Plans

Services delivered

  • Review of the PB Master plan with a focus on possible constraints in the design and operational bottlenecks. SPS checked if the design allows the OEM to offer their most productive solutions;
  • Advise SCSPA on improvements form a technical and an operational point of view;
  • Review of a simulation study by HPC;
  • Act as independent external advisor to SPSCA for all stage of the project but initially only for the design phase;
  • Provide support and advise for the gate design setup and gate management system;
  • Capacity analysis on the current and expected volumes;
  • Business process modelling;
  • Development of new gate designs.