Klossterboer plaatje


A Port in Bangladesh has requested a Dutch consortium to do a feasibility study, including conceptual design, conceptual engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), investment plan, preparation of technical specification & tender document for procurement of an extension of the Chittagong Port container handling capacity by means of a floating harbour allowing access to category C containerships having a capacity of up to 8,000 TEU.

The existing situation at the Port only allows access to so called category A containerships having a maximum 2,000 TEU capacity and maximum draught of 9,5 meters. By 2019 the Main Port will reach its’ limits on handling cargo and containers. The port therefore requires an extension of its’ container handling capacity. After realisation of the first phase in 2019 the annual container handling capacity should be increased by minimal 750,000 TEU.

Solid Port Solutions is part of the consortium and is providing the operational expertise for development of a floating harbour compliant with the following criteria It should provide a creative, cost-efficient, innovative end-solution for an increased container handling capacity of 750,000 TEU per annum in 2019 and a further 1 million TEU per annum by 2021.

Client: OEM supplier of automation products
Country: The Netherlands
Year of execution of project: 2018

Specialisms involved for this project:

Business Process Modelling
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Port Planning
Development of Terminal Layout Plans

Services delivered

The services provided include:

  • Design of a Master plan with a focus on possible constraints in the design and operational bottlenecks;
  • Operational and Technical design of a highly condensed container terminal, capable of annual handling of over 1.2 million TEU;
  • Providing a maintenance plan;
  • Providing an operational HR plan;
  • Business process modelling;