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Emkay Shipping line asked Solid Port Solution for advice on how to improve the quality of registration and monitoring of containers entering and leaving, by means of automation.

The automation should lead to 100% registration accuracy, higher registration speed and reduction of labor costs.

To provide this service, Solid Port Solutions did a facility assessment and provided a document with the findings, recommendations and specifications of required equipment to fulfill this requirement.

Client: Emkay Shipping Line
Country: Pakistan
Year of execution of project: 2019

Specialisms involved for this project:

Business Process Modelling
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Port Planning
Development of Terminal Layout Plans

Services delivered

The services provided include:

  • Review and assessment of the status of operational systems and equipment at the Emkay facility;
  • Review of the procedures and systems in place to control the flow of containers over the Emkay facility;
  • Advise Emkay on how to improve their control of the flow of containers entering and leaving their facility.