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The ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras al-Isa are critical and irreplaceable infrastructure essential to commercial and humanitarian activities in Yemen. Seventy percent of all imports into Yemen and 80% of all humanitarian assistance pass through these ports. This essential lifeline has been threatened by an ongoing war, which has made key humanitarian infrastructure unusable and inaccessible.

A United Nations (UN) sponsored agreement to address the significant humanitarian impact of the fighting in Hodeidah governorate was endorsed in Stockholm, Sweden on 14 December 2018. The UN has moved rapidly to meet its obligations and to engage with the parties to the conflict to seek consensus on the technical details of the agreement.

The UN asked Solid Port Solutions to be part of a mission to execute a port assessment of the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras al-Isa. The purpose of the assessment was firstly to determine the required urgent actions to keep the ports operational. The secondary target was to determine what is needed to get the port oif Hodeidah in a state in which it is capable of discharging and loading containers on container vessels without the need of ships gears.

Client: United Nations
Country: Yemen
Year of execution of project: 2019

Specialisms involved for this project:

Master Plan Studies
Maintenance Management Systems
Recommendation for Operational Concepts
Recommendation for Technical Concept
Strategy Development
Technical Specifications Review
Development of Terminal Layout Plans

Services delivered

  • Review and assessment of the status of supporting equipment in the ports of Hodeidah, Ras al-Isa and Salif;
  • Review and assessment of container handling equipment in the port of Hodeidah;
  • Advise the UN on urgent actions needed to keep the port operational;
  • Advise the UN on action needed to restore the container handling capacity of the port of Hodeidah to a pre-war status.