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United Nations, United States 2019 Technical assessment of Hodeidah port in Yemen. hodaiday port
OEM suppliers, The Netherlands 2018-ongoing Business training on (container) terminal operations
and the market of container shipping.
business training
OEM supplier, The Netherlands 2018-ongoing Consultancy on building a business case tool for
an OEM supplier of automation products.
OEM supplier
RSC Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2017-2018 Project Management for gate processes optimization
of the Rail Service Center in the port of Rotterdam.
RSC in Rotterdam
Terberg Benschop BV, The Netherlands 2016-ongoing Consultancy on how Container handling equipment
is used on a Container Terminal.
Terberg AutoTug
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2015-ongoing Development of a Container Exchange Route between
container terminals on the Maasvlakte
Container Exchange Route
South Carolina Port Authority, Charleston, USA 2014-ongoing Evaluation of the Masterplan and heightening of cranes
for Charleston Port in South Carolina.
Port of Charleston
Abu Dhabi Airport Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2013-ongoing Design and Implementation of the Security Systems
at the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal complex.
Abu Dhabi Airport
Port of Moerdijk, The Netherlands 2017 Research on container handling capacity
of Moerdijk Terminal
Ministry of Infrastucture and Environment, The Netherlands 2017 Prepair and lead an ISPS Security exercise. no image
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2015-2017 Development of Maasvlakte Plaza. A truck pre arrival area
for all container terminals on the Maasvlakte.
Maasvlakte Plaza
Manufacturer of offshore foundations for
wind turbines and oil & gas platforms
2016-2017 ISPS certification. no image
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2016 Coordinate the Gate Automation project on
the City Terminal of the Port of Rotterdam.
City Terminal Rotterdam
Namport, Walvis Bay, Namibia 2015-2016 Define specifications for Automation Package and
General Cargo TOS for Walvis Bay Terminals.
Port of Walvis Bay
Kalmar BV, The Netherlands 2016 Consultancy for Evaluation and Selection of a
Port Simulation (software) Supplier.
American computer storage and data
manangement company, The Netherlands
2015-2016 Delivery of a Security Management System Securty Plan
and a Security Recommandation report.
no image
Qatar Oil, Ras Laffan Port, Qatar 2015-2016 Define all equipment and IT systems specifications
for a greenfield Container Terminal.
Port of Ras Laffan
Port Facility, Namibia 2015 Security assessment and Recommendation report
on upgrading security level.
no image
3 container terminals in the
Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Delivery of (revised) Port Facility Security Plans. no image
2 container terminals in Scandinavia 2014-2015 Security assessments and Recommendation reports. no image
DP World, UAE 2013-2014 Project management services to support the
introduction and testing of an ATT on Jebel Ali Port.
ATT project
Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2010-2012 Project management for building the Semi-Automated
Container Terminal in Khalifa Port
Khalifa Port
Port of Algeciras, Spain 2010 Provide specs and project management for an OCR installation
and zero error application on Algeciras terminal
Algeciras OCR Project
ECT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2004-2009 Project management for building the fully Automated
Container Terminal Euromax on Rotterdam Maasvlakte
Euromax Terminal