Container Exchange Route


Kalmar wanted to select a company to perform professional port simulation using the Kalmar port equipment as a reference.
This would allow Kalmar to have a better insight in the possibilities of their port equipment and how it performs in comparison with equipment of competitors.

Solid Port Solutions was asked to deliver Kalmar consultancy services to support the selection process of a simulation service provider, who will deliver dedicated simulations consultancy services to Kalmar Netherlands.
Solid Port Solutions has assisted this process among other services with writing the internal Board paper and gave a recommendation of the most suitable Simulation Company in relation to the requests of Kalmar.

Client: Kalmar Netherlands BV
Country: The Netherlands
Year of execution of project: 2016

Specialisms involved for this project:

Simulation Studies
Technical Specifications Review
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Tendering Process Advice
Assistance in Contract Negotiations

Services delivered

  • Functional specifications of the simulation application required;
  • Provide tender evaluation;
  • Advise Kalmar on the possible suppliers;
  • Provide support for board approval for the best selected simulation supplier.