King Fahd Causeway Picture


The Saudi Information Technology Company was asked to develop a Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap for the King Fahad Causeway Authority.

The causeway was suffering of bad press due to long waiting times for trucks and passengers while passing the border between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Solid Port Solutions was asked to support the Saudi Information Technology Company in their project team and provide information on how to improve the efficiency and effectivity of the customs handling of cargo and trucks passing the border between Saudi and Bahrain on the causeway.

This resulted in an extensive roadmap to be used by the King Fahad Causeway Authority in the years to come to reduce the time spent of travelling on the Kind Fahad Causeway during a bordercrossing.

Client: Saudi Information Technology Co.
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year of execution of project: 2019

Specialisms involved for this project:

Strategy Development
Project Development
Maintenance Management Advice
Cargo & Container Handling Equipment Specifications

Services delivered

Solid Port Solutions has provided information on systems and procedures to reduce time needed for custom clearance of trucks passing the causeway by:

  • Interaction between Customs systems and cargo clearing systems;
  • Specifications for contraband detecting systems;
  • Procedures to improve handling efficiency of customs.