Mubarak Al Kabeer port


Developed on Bubiyan Island off the coast of Iraq, Mubarak Al Kabeer Port was instigated by Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works in an attempt to re‐establish Kuwait as a renowned shipping hub. The port will allow for easier access to the Red Sea and will rejuvenate Kuwait’s role as a primary shipping port.

Solid Port Solutions shall carry out a detailed engineering study to determine the requirement of various support equipment, workshop equipment/machines and support equipment to cater for the maintenance needs of Container handling equipment.
Also the requirements for the Terminal Operating System and the Gate Operating System together with the port security and safety plan will be supplied by Solid Port Solutions.

Client: Mott MacDonald
Country: Kuwait
Year of execution of project: 2016 - Present

Specialisms involved for this project:

Business Process Modelling
Technical Specifications Review
Definition of Terminal Facilities Requirements
Tendering Process Advice
Technical Specifications Review
Security Assessments
Security Plan
Port Special Systems
Gate Automation

Services delivered

Solid Port Solutions has prepared a set of detailed specifications/data sheets and layout drawings for the design of the new port.

The following deliverables shall be provided:

  • Data sheet/specifications for workshop equipment;
  • Functional Specifications for a TOS for a fully automated container terminal;
  • Functional Specifications for a GOS;
  • Basis of Design and Port security plan for the security organisation of the terminal;
  • Business Process Models for a fully automated Terminal