Ras Laffan port


In April 2014 SPS received the order to deliver the engineering specifications for the container terminal handling equipment and the Terminal Operating System (TOS) and also deliver a Security Study and Study for the Landside Truck Handling System.

The end user for this order was Qatar Petroleum and SPS was working in a consortium together with WorleyParsons and Archirodon.
Qatar Petroleum was planning to build a new container terminal next to their oil loading facility.

Solid Port Solutions was asked to provide the following services:

  • Review of Equipment specifications and delivery of a clause‐to‐clause commentary;
  • Review of the short list of suppliers;
  • Review of the Equipment Project Schedule and deliver list of comments;
  • High level review of the technical proposals from the OEM’s and deliver comments;
  • Review of the commercial proposals from the suppliers and deliver list of comments;
  • Discuss the review comments with the OEM’s;
  • Coordinate the engineering phase with the OEM’s.

Client: Qatar Petroleum
Country: Qatar
Year of execution of project: 2014 - 2015

Specialisms involved for this project:

Port Special Systems
Technical Specifications Review
Definition of Terminal Requirements
Tendering Process Advice
Evaluation of Tender Documents
Business Process Modelling
Assistance in Contract Negotiations

Services delivered

Solid Port Solutions prepared the following documents:

  • Functional specification for the Gate Operating System and the gate automation;
  • Functional specification for a Zero Error System;
  • Functional specification for Port equipment;
  • Functional specification for the Terminal Operating System;
  • Creation and reviewing of the tender documents;
  • Design of all business processes via business process models.